Pulsar Flow Vaporizer


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Pulsar Flow Vaporizer

The new Pulsar Flow is a compact and powerful system with an all in one form factor. The Pulsar Flow features a convection heating element with a quartz crystal lined chamber. The cross section of the Pulsar Flow boasts an innovative cooling path that’s one-of-a-kind; Each ridges are shown on the removable top section and the body of the device. The temperature settings can be changed via the side button– The five temperature settings are 356 degrees Fahrenheit, 374 degrees Fahrenheit, 392 degrees Fahrenheit, 410 degrees Fahrenheit, and 428 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat-up time of the Pulsar Flow is 40 seconds, allowing users to use it quickly on-the-go. The Pulsar Flow features a convection heating chamber that is lined with quartz. The resistance quality of the quartz dry herb negates the need for combustion, delivering only true flavor. The Pulsar Flow Herbal Vaporizer gives the users the ideal form factor of any other high end vaporizer without sacrificing functionality, making it a must have for any connasiour!


      • 40 Second Heat-Up Time
      • Five Click Button Locking Function
      • Haptic Feedback
      • Convection Heating Chamber
        • Quartz Lined Heating Chamber
      • Five Temperature Settings
        • 356 Degrees Fahrenheit
        • 374 Degrees Fahrenheit
        • 392 Degrees Fahrenheit
        • 410 Degrees Fahrenheit
        • 428 Degrees Fahrenheit
      • Magnetic Lid
      • Embossed Cooling and Purifying Airflow
      • Enhanced LED Battery Light Indicator
        • Green Light
          • 100 to 60% Battery Life
        • Orange Light
          • 60 to 20% Battery Life
        • Red Light
          • 20 to 0% Battery Life
      • USB Plug-in Charger
      • Light and Slick Design
      • One Year Manufacturer Warranty


    • 1 Pulsar Flow Vaporizer
    •  Extra Silicone Mouthpiece Insert
    • 1 Micro USB Cable
    • 1 Cleaning Brush
    • 2  Alcohol Free Cleaning Wipes
    • 1 Stir tool

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