ZICO USB-04 lighter


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ZICO USB-04 Flameless Lighter Gloss Black/Gold

The Black Gloss edition features gold accents on the inside. Accented by a gold button on the front that lights up in neon blue, this lighter will not disappoint. Contains NO butane or fluids and it’s eco-friendly and easy to use. Don’t waste your money on disposable lighters that harm the environment. Our USB lighters with iconic electric beams don’t blow out, which means they work in the windiest conditions. USB cord included and fits any standard USB port. Get over 100 lights form a full charge!


  • Blazing hot single heat beams (900 °F)
  • Ultra-durable alloy case
  • Flameless & windproof design
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Packaged in a beautiful soft touch gift box


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